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It’s time to stop over analyzing, second guessing, judging, and even trying to make sense of this new knowledge and awareness that is presenting itself to so many of us.

We haven’t ever been here before. There is no frame of reference to cross check or turn to for guidance. Guidance is showing up in ways we’ve never experienced. We are learning in mediation and prayer - recalling memories and receiving messages from our ancestors. Literally downloading instructions from spirit guides that leave us questioning our sanity.

So many of us are still holding this “new” ancient wisdom close to our chests - feeling like we should share it with someone, but recognizing the potential ridicule we will open ourselves up to when we put these stories and messages out there for all to see.

Let us be clear, this is the work of the Divine Feminine. Communicating from a place that is vulnerable and free. And recognizing that our power resides in this place. Our power resides in vulnerability and self-centered awareness. We must first see ourselves before we can truly see others, and see the change needed in the world.

We aren’t alone in this large quest. And that is incredible knowledge! We have an army of support showing up in ways that are new and unfamiliar. We can either openly embrace this support - or continue to stand alone and watch as things escalate and spin out of control. The choice really is ours. It takes setting aside the ego, and the belief that what we’ve been taught in our schools and religion is the only way.

Sit with that idea for a minute. If there really is only one way - and it’s the path we’ve been on up until now - then we truly are doomed. But, if you sit outside and watch the wind play with the tress, allow your focus to land on your breath, and just feel - is there a twinge of something more stirring within you?

It could be that simple. That a twinge of awareness is where the change begins. That on a global level we begin to accept and believe in life and consciousness outside of our teachings and current knowing. Maybe that global awareness could open the door to the incredible shifts that are needed and possible.

It means allowing instead of pushing - trusting in the unknown - and having incredible courage to be the voice. The one who stands up and shares this new way of thinking and being.

I know that these courageous ones, the voices stepping out, are the ones bringing the armies. They are the ones opening the doors needed for us to truly see and understand what is happening - and see and understand how we move WITH these shifts, instead of AGAINST them.

They are the voice of the Divine Feminine. And this wisdom is being shared through both men and women.

Thank you to the brave and the kind who are surrendering into this place of the unknown. Thank you for opening the door and opportunity for all of us to step forward and share in a space of extreme vulnerability and acceptance.


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