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Love Can Build a Bridge

These thoughts started this morning as the following Facebook post:

Why is our default so often hate instead of love? It all starts with us. How we feel about ourselves impacts how we feel about others. What truly lives in your heart? Do you find yourself sitting in a place of love for yourself - or disgust and self judgement? Do you see how this influences how you interact with everyone around you - influences your thoughts and actions. 

The real work starts with us. We are the only ones that can turn our hate into love. That is the only step forward.

I included a link to the song Love Can Build a Bridge from the Judds.

As I write this my stomach is in absolute knots. That is where I carry my anxiety, tension, unhappiness. As I read through my newsfeed this morning I became incredibly aware of what was happening in my body, and then I paused and noticed how it was influencing my reactions to things. 

As I sat there and my stomach tightened, I become annoyed that the dogs were staring at me hoping I was going to share a bite of my toast. I kept staring at the clock feeling like I was already behind for the day and wondered how the heck I was going to get everything done I needed to and be ready for the sessions I had today. The room felt hot - “who the heck closed the windows?!”. I could go on and on - and these awarenesses all happened over a period of about 5 minutes. 

What if I had moved through my entire day from this space? I know I have - many a time - and the day is filled with ugliness. Those are the days that I crawl into bed at night and my head starts spinning with what I should have or could have done differently. 

It is so clear to me that moving through the world from this state of tension creates self doubt, judgement, hatred, and so much more. This is the default state for so many of us. Not because we enjoy it, simply because we aren’t moving through the world from a state of self awareness.

Imagine if we could change this story. What if we instead moved through the world from a place of centered self love? How would things change? How would we change? How would this change impact what we are witnessing in the world today?

Here’s the rest of my story from the morning. I became curious about what I was feeling and why. I acknowledged where my thoughts were going and what the rest of the day would look like if I stayed in that space. 

Then I paused and I breathed - deep belly breaths - and focused on relaxing the area of tension in my body. I sat and brought in a  memory that filled me with happiness. (This morning it was Grace at 4 years old playing in the waves in Spain - complete and utter joy!) I felt this memory in my body. A sense of openness and freedom radiated from my chest. I relaxed, things shifted. I did  - of course - give the dogs some toast and the rest of my day has flowed incredibly as it should. I’m operating from a space of fullness and self love, and from this place have so much to give to those around me.

The shift begins within us! We cannot afford to move through the world numb anymore. It’s time to step in, get curious, and find that state of centered self love. The world is waiting.


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