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I've Been Feeling Deeply Inspired...

This has been a month of deep listening and learning for me.

A month of looking at events, relationships, hurdles - and instead of trying to make everything "right" - looking at what they are here to teach me. What are the deeper lessons I'm supposed to be learning?

I've learned over the years that lessons appear when I'm ready for them. And when I say lessons, I mean difficult situations. Situations that challenge me to stay present and not retreat into old patterns. These patterns for me are pushing my feelings aside to make sure everyone else is happy, or making myself really busy with life to avoid dealing with what is in front of me - and within me.

I'm happy to say I've been able to leave these patterns behind - for the most part. But, what that means is sitting in the uncomfortable. Getting real about the role I play in these areas of conflict, and then committing to change. Change that is necessary not only for me, but for my daughter and the generations to come. Making a commitment to break the ancestral pattern that follows us all through our lives. Learning to feel, process, and shift when needed.

So, about the deeply inspired part! This learning often throws me into books, conversations, podcasts - opportunities to learn more and keep myself in check.

I wanted to share a few things with you that have created deep contemplation and huge a-ha moments for me. The first is The Return of the Feminine and the World Soul by Llewelyn Vaughn-Lee.

This book speaks to the lost voice of the Sacred Feminine, and the reason it is women who need to lead the charge to reclaiming and rediscovering this voice. He drives home that the Divine Feminine is what's needed to bring humanity and the planet back into balance.

A second book is, Sacred Instructions by Sherri Mitchell. I have completely filled this book with highlighting and underlined sections. The grounding wisdom Sherri brings to what we are witnessing today is so important. She shares, through prophecy and learning, that we are in the midst of a time that has been foretold - and there is a path to make things right.

I've recently made some changes to my main coaching program. These changes have been influenced by this latest round of challenges and learning. I love that the learning never ends! And that my "work" involves sharing these incredible resources with you all.

I can honestly say that the result of this work is powerful and so freeing. When we own what is happening to us from a perspective of opportunity and growth, everything changes.


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