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Hiding In Plain Sight

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

I know so many women who are beautiful healers. They have practices and ceremonies that are important and valuable to them. They know how to hold the space, to turn inward and find their center.

It’s been both surprising, and not surprising, to hear that the majority of these women feel like they have to hide this part of themselves from their partners. This wisdom coming to us is in our DNA. It was the journey of our ancestors. We have to come out of hiding and break the cycle, this can no longer be part of our path.

This is the remembering, accessing the deep, sacred, divine feminine within us that the world needs to return to a place of balance and unity. It feels vulnerable. It feels dangerous. Because it has been for so many generations. We are the ones here to bring the change. We have to step into the light with these gifts we are being asked to share. We know and feel what they do for us. Now we have to open the door for the rest of humanity.

We feel alone, which adds to that sense of insecurity and vulnerability. In truth, we are hiding in plain sight. Standing right next to each other. Waiting for someone to take the first step forward. So let’s all take it together.


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