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Feminine Leadership

What do you think of when you read the words - feminine leadership? Who comes to mind?

I believe that when we move into leadership roles as women, we often feel the need to adopt masculine qualities. We shove our emotions down deep, and step into a role that we believe is expected of us if we are to be taken seriously. 

I want to challenge that. What does it really look like to lead from the feminine? To answer this I like to tap into my Yin Yoga training. Yin is the feminine, the softness, the darkness, the stillness. And it is from this soft, dark, stillness that we gain glimpses of who we really are. Who we are meant to be. The work we are here to bring the world.

So, how do we stand in the feminine space and become powerful leaders? Is it possible? 

When I think of strong, empowered, feminine leaders two women immediately come to mind - Maya Angelou and Mona Polacca. I know you will all know of Maya, but probably not Mona. I will share more information on her below. She is one of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers and the work she brings to the world is transformative. Both of these women exist within the Yin. They are clear in their purpose and drive. A clarity that can only come from the place of still awareness. 

So, then I ask - what does feminine, Yin leadership look like for me? What is my purpose that will drive and inform my actions, passions, intentions? And I know from my years of looking inward, that this answer lies within my most vulnerable state. Within the vulnerability, hidden under fears, self doubt, old stories, lies the answers we are searching for and our true power. Our power as feminine leaders. Our gifts we are meant to bring to the world. 

What’s waiting within you to be uncovered? What does feminine, Yin leadership look like for you? 

More on Mona Polacca.


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