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Feeling the Urgency

This time is demanding reconnection and remembering. We are being challenged at every step. I feel like the universe’s favorite question for me right now is - You really think you are ready? How about this? The climate, our divided nation, the government (or lack of), anxiety in our kids, and so much more.

My answer to this question requires a deep settling into my body and my deeper knowing. I have to physically settle into the knowing that I’m not alone in this. That this call for a new way of being, a new way of seeing, a new way of showing up is being felt by so many of us - men and women. And then I stand strong and allow. Allow the next steps to unfold, allow myself to be shown where I am needed today. Finding the balance between allowing and staying present - not becoming passive - needs my daily attention as well.

With the coming of the solstice, my focus is on finding incredible power and strength in this allowing. Centering myself in feminine wisdom and letting that rise up in my body like a deep fire. I’m going to take the heat of the summer and everything it brings and allow that to strengthen my resolve and commitment to staying the path.

If you are feeling an urgency, like you want to jump out of your skin because you are so ready to get going and create change - know you are not alone. These feelings are important - they are part of the deeper calling moving through us all. And they are also the universe saying - You think you are ready? How about this? Stay the course, know that this feeling of urgency isn’t because you are ready to begin the work, this feeling of urgency IS THE WORK. Can you sit in this feeling and stay focused on the present moment? Stay committed to the larger picture that is so important?

THIS IS THE WORK. We are in it. We aren’t gearing up to begin this next chapter. All of these feelings and emotions, letting them move through us, inspire us, motivate us - that is part of the work. So when you feel like you’ve stalled out and want to begin grasping at opportunities or alternatives to move things forward - be patient. Settle back into your body, listen, and stay the course. You will find that these lessons are serving a purpose greater than we know in this moment. They are preparing us for whatever is required of us next. This is our training. And I believe that finding our power and commitment in the unknown is going to be one of our greatest strengths.

So, stay the course and know that you are not alone. You are surrounded my men and women on this same path. We are here holding your hands. Close your eyes and hold your arms out to the side, bring your focus to your hands - we are there holding them. Can you feel us all?


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