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Claiming a Seat at the Table

I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to me to “show up as a woman”.

Here’s what I mean by that. For years - I would go to an event, speak at a conference, sit in a meeting - and feel like the girl in the room. It felt as though everyone around me had more to offer and I would either shrink back into myself, or push harder to get my messages across and have my voice heard. 

In recent years, I’ve begun to take a look at what it means to feel I deserve a seat at the table. I’ve asked myself who I need to be, what awareness do I need to have, to feel invited and welcome into this space.  

I’m happy to share that I’ve realized a few things. First of all, nothing and no one creates that seat for us - we do it through our our own centered self love and awareness. Occupying this place within myself has helped me settle into and completely embody who I am as a woman. The second realization is this - Life isn’t about waiting for a seat at the table to open up. It’s about realizing that it has been there all along. Just waiting for us to gain the awareness and insight necessary to occupy it. 

So, cheers to our collective journey of awareness and insight. I’m saving your seat for whenever you are ready!


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