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Change is Happening

Updated: May 22, 2019

Change is happening. Things are shifting.

We are seeing “ordinary women” stepping up with a centered and self-aware determination. We are witnessing the rise of Feminine Leadership. This doesn’t mean the rise of women leaders, it means individuals who are finding the balance of masculine and feminine within themselves -and stepping into action from that place of peaceful power and wisdom.

Although the rise of the feminine isn’t speaking of women, I truly believe it begins with us. Indigenous Peoples from various parts of the world believe that in 2012 we shifted into the time of the Feminine. It is foretold in the Prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor and other prophecies passed down through cultures and generations. There is a deeper awareness flowing through us all that we have entered the time of intuition, connection, unity consciousness, and reciprocity with the universe. A time that can only be sheparded in through feminine awareness and activation.

So, what does this mean? How do we access this place of peaceful power and wisdom within ourselves? The beauty of this emerging time is that it’s a time of collective action. We aren’t meant to answer these questions alone. We are meant to understand and claim our place as leaders through co-creation.

We will all find our place in this co-emergent world when we listen and allow ourselves to trust our intuition. Where are we called to engage? Who are we called to sit in circle with?

I know that my role is one of curator and community builder. This has become incredibly clear over the past few years of trails, errors, and successes.

I am deeply inspired, moved, and pushed to learn more from the wisdom and knowledge of Indigenous Peoples. Remembering that the wellbeing of the earth is not separate from the wellbeing of our souls.

Some of my most profound personal, inner work and transformation has come from somatic awareness. Understanding where I experience things within my body and how these feelings impact my ability to listen, interact, and move forward. And then understanding how to take this knowledge, use it to find my centered self love and power, and experience how this propels me down my path with clarity and purpose.

I’ve taken these three main pillars: Indigenous Wisdom, Somatic Awareness, and True Self - and created a 3 month leadership program for women, as well as a Leading From the Feminine Retreat. (You can find more information on the program here).

I truly believe that those of us ready to step into this space together, will resonate with the information shared and the ideas ready to be brought to life through this collective work.

I invite you to take a deep breath, sit back into your body, and listen. How are you meant to enter into this new year? In what ways and with what groups will you explore this time of incredible possibility and collaboration?

Cheers to a powerful year of co-creation, collective action, and deeper awareness.


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