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Be That Woman

When you are in your true center, fully embodying your power - who are you?

Take a deep breath and feel this woman move through your body. Become even more centered in your truth - who are you?

Can you put this feeling into words? Can you intuitively feel who you are longing to be? Destined to be? Can you make this woman your best friend? Can you get to know her intimately, so that no matter what life throws at you, she is there?

Feel into your body. Feel the energy moving. Embody this woman with every cell of your being, because this is who you are and your purpose is wrapped up in your ability to be fully present in all that she brings.

Don't let anything pull you off this path. This is the path of freedom not only for you, but for all of humanity.

When you move into that space of hopelessness, self doubt, self criticism - remember this feeling. Come back to this awareness and be this woman.


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