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Be Around the Light Bringers

Today my daughter and I marched side by side in St Louis at the March For Our Lives event.

This quote above kept coming to mind. There were over 800 marches planned around the world, and it all started with the kids from Parkland High School taking a stand. They are truly world shifters and game shakers.

Walking with thousands and reading signs encouraging our government to value children over guns, people over corporations, was powerful. Every word of this quote rang true for me. Today I was changed, broken open, uplifted, and expanded.

Kids of all ages are learning what it means to not play small with their lives. Something I gave no thought to until much later in life. These kids are our future, and it brings me such hope and encouragement for tomorrow. Because tomorrow they will be voting, holding government seats, making the policies that shape our world. And you better believe they are being shaped by the actions of many today. They are wide awake and watching.

I'm proud that these are the heartbeats of my people. The people of my tribe.


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