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Leading From The Feminine

Women's Leadership Retreat

September 20 - 22, 2019

Sunrise Springs Spa Resort, Santa Fe, NM

The world is ready and waiting for you. Waiting for you to step into your intuitive knowing, to find your power and voice as a new type of leader. A leader who values unity, allowing rather than pushing, and a leader who values their inner knowing. An inner knowing that comes from a deep centered self-awareness.

Come join this small, incredible group of women in the desert southwest, as we explore what Feminine Leadership looks like for each of us, and how this awareness can catapult us into the answers to our greatest questions, while providing powerful direction for what's next and our role in creating unity and change.

We are incredibly fortunate to spend our time together at Sunrise Springs Spa Resort in Santa Fe, NM. "The legendary waters of Sunrise Springs have been a source of rejuvenation and a sacred gathering place for weary travelers on the historic El Camino Real for millennia"

Join us for this incredible experience!

The Retreat


A Message From Laurie

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