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Julie Daley

Visionary, Organization, and Leadership Coach

The most important capacity Julie offers in her work is her ability to walk between two worlds: one, the world of the intellect and reason, what some refer to as the left brain world, the other, the world of the heart and compassion, intuition and creativity, often referred to as the right brain. She moves between these two worlds with ease, but more importantly knows them well so that she can facilitate others in developing the capacity to navigate between them. 

Julie started out life loving art, but soon learned that math and logic were important to know (and a little exciting, too). She came to work in the financial industry for many years, many of which were as a systems analyst (and yes a COBOL programmer). Julie knew intimately the algorithmic side of life - those step-by-step procedures that have their place in business. 

She then returned to school (Stanford University) to study computer science, human-computer interaction, psychology, design thinking, and studio & digital art - all wrapped up into a neat new major for the time - Interaction Design.

After graduating and completing her honor's thesis on Spirituality & the internet (this was a pretty 'out-there' idea for 2001), life dropped some really difficult experiences at her feet. She was already grieving the death of my husband, and now more grief. And in the months that followed, she felt a deep longing for something completely different as she moved forward in her life.


Julie set out on a journey to quench her longing, to find what it is her heart longed for. This journey took her many places around the world, as well as to teaching communities of people who were facing profound transformational challenges - families affected by 9/11 and community members affected by the Sandy Hook tragedy. She became a teacher of Creativity in Business and a certified professional coach.

She learned a lot about the creative, transformation, and the grief processes. Believe it or not, at their core these three processes are very similar. And, she discovered what they have in common offers something integral to growing powerful leaders who can both navigate the deep waters of these turbulent times, as well as catalyze truly new and innovative cultures.

She has spent years exploring mindfulness, feminine consciousness (relationship, receptivity, & connection) and leadership, which turned out to directly inform my work with creativity, compassion, and collaboration.

A little personal note: Julie is a mother to two fabulous women and grandmother to six grandchildren. In her free time, she loves to walk, dance, practice yoga, meditate, and lift weights. She's an avid writer, painter, and photographer, too.

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